[Freeswitch-users] New feature - NAT handling, keep-alive OPTIONS

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Wed Apr 16 00:00:07 PDT 2008

Jonathan Palley napsal(a):
> I get the feeling that some of these edge optimizations are,  
> rightfully, not the top priority for the core team.

I think so. And this why I think about to do it myself :-)
If someone other see it useful...

>  If you make  
> these changes I'm happy to help test as all of our users are behind a  
> NAT.  

If I have success in doing such changes to sources, I'm very glad if you 
help me with testing. Thanks Jonathan!

> Right now we don't have enough users to justify doing this  
> optimization ourselves though.

And I have nearly no experiences with FreeSWITCH :-)

> As for keeping the UDP connection open I recommend having the client  
> send "blank" UDP packets and setting the interval there.

Yes, I agree. But few of them (for example Nokia mobile phones) can't do 
that. And this why should I send keep-alive packets (dummy packets or 
valid OPTIONS), but only to few of NATed UACs. Thus I have to have an 
option to distinguish between UACs which need to be nat-pinged and which 
not :-)

Best regards,


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