[Freeswitch-users] ivr script, originating a call

Chris Danielson chris at maxpowersoft.com
Mon Apr 14 08:04:22 PDT 2008

Are you able to look at the FreeSWITCH console and see if the bitrate is 
an issue?  Though I do not recall the exact message, the console will 
render this information when "console loglevel debug" has been turned 
on.  I have experienced a similar issue, are you playing those files at 
8000 bit rate?  Anyways, the console will let you know if there is a 
mismatch and that FreeSWITCH is having to pull overtime in order to 
process the sounds.

Jonas Gauffin wrote:
> Hello
> I'm launching a javascript that originates a call to a user and then
> records a file.
> The problem is that the soundfiles ("record after the beep" and
> "message saved") sounds strange (choppy/vibrating, yeah I know, sucky
> explanation).
> The same phrases sounds fine when played for an incoming call.
> Is it a bitrate issue or something like that?
> Regards,
>   Jonas
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