[Freeswitch-users] Dynamic SIP Gateways to register with

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Wed Apr 9 04:53:54 PDT 2008

Anthony Minessale napsal(a):
> My concern is with detribalizing things.
> The idea of a bounty does hold some weight because things I don't want 
> to do are the exact things that should have a bounty.


> There are a lot of moving parts in a gateway with many threads involved 
> which is why it's a tricky situation.

I don't know how exactly Freeswitch internaly works, so thank you, 
Anthony, for explanation.

> To what extent do you want to manipulate them?  There are a lot of 
> parameters to a gateway so 1 giant api call to create them seems 
> daunting.

I agree.

> Re-parsing the config assuming there are new ones has the 
> issue of where to look because we have the gateways that live in the 
> users and the ones that live in the profile and when you do that how do 
> you know when to erase them.

One possibility is to introduce mandatory unique identifier for each gw 
in config.

> If anything, all I can see is being able to add more by rereading the 
> config or maybe a very elaborate FSAPI call but only being able to 
> *remove* them 1 by 1 via FSAPI.

Removing doesn't help me :-)

> See the issue?



The main reason I talk about it is that I don't want to stop calls 
during profile reload/restart/etc. Because it practicaly eliminates 
possibility of sharing one profile between more users.

If there is/will be a way how to reload/restart sip profile and keep 
current calls intact, I don't care about I could not setup new ones 
until reload/restart finishes.

The same way I have tried to outline I use lcr module from OpenSER 
And, from my opinion, even Asterisk doesn't interrupt calls in case of 
chan_sip reload.

All at all, I just want to manipulate with sip gws and keep calls alive 
:-) If you be so kind, explain to me please, if it is possible to 
incorporate it into Freeswitch or not. I have no idea :-)

BTW: If this feature breaks Freeswitch clean desing (or generally you 
see it as ugly hack) it is better - from my point of view - to leave 
thing as they are...

Thanks once more, Anthony, for your clarification!

Bets regards,


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