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Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Tue Apr 8 15:25:13 PDT 2008

Michael Collins wrote:
> Can you give me a readers digest version of how TBCT works?  It might be
> something that our company will use in the future...
> Thanks,
> MC

Blatantly stealing out of an old explanation found on the net:

> > Network Facility Request - Two B Channel Transfer (TBCT) (Synchronous
> > TBCT enables an ISDN PRI user to request the switch to connect together
> > independent calls on the user's interface. The two calls can be served
> > the same PRI trunk or by different PRI trunks. If the switch accepts the
> > request, the user is released from the calls and the two calls are
> > directly. Billing for the two original calls continues in the same
manner as
> > if the transfer had not occurred. As an option, TBCT also allows for
> > transfer notification to the transferred users.
> >
> > TBCT works only when all of the following conditions are met:
> >
> > The user subscribes to TBCT (this feature is supported for the 5ESS and
> > protocols only).
> >
> > The two calls are of compatible bearer capabilities.
> >
> > At least one of the two calls is answered. If the other call is outgoing
> > from the user, it may be either answered or alerting; if the other call
> > incoming to the user, it must be answered.

In other words, you can transfer calls or otherwise connect 2 off-net
stations without having to tie up two B channels and bridge them
together yourself.

--Jon Radel
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