[Freeswitch-users] .NET Interaction

Christian Jensen christian at verbx.com
Sun Apr 6 00:02:16 PDT 2008


I am looking for a little guidance. We have built our system around  
Asterisk and now we are looking to FreeSwitch to see if it will do  
what we need. I am confident that it can, but I need a tiny bit of  
pointing in the right direction.

That said, here is what we do now:

We do what we call Three Party Calling (call leg A, announce their  
minute balance, call leg B, bridge)

Pretty easy to do really.

The part I need help with is how we can get the balance to be  
announced as that data is contained in our SQL server database.  
Ideally, this data would come from the database but by way of C#. We  
also would like to get FreeSwitch to tell us the CDR data, http is  
fine if need be.

I know #freeswitch is available, but I thought I would ask here first.


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