[Freeswitch-users] Documentation Questions - updating wiki, channel variables

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We don't really use freeswitch.info anymore as we now have our own instance of drupal up.

As for the variables I try to keep them documented but I do seem to invent a new magic variable about once a day so maybe an audit is in order.  I try to make most of them in the code a #define in switch_types.h but there are probably a few stragglers in the modules etc that could be found with a grep for switch_channel_get_variable in the codebase and we could clean it up.
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Just wondering if there are still blogs by anthm and pdt,
per the wiki main page:



I know Trixter’s is still there, but what about Paul
and Anthony?  It’s looking for a domain of freeswitch.info which
seems uninhabited.  If there are developer blogs I’d like to get the
page updated with the correct links, and if there aren’t then I’d
like to get the links removed.


Secondly, I was curious about channel variables.  I
know there is a big list here:



I was curious to know if this list is up to date.  I
see that some are listed as ‘unknown’ which is okay for now –
I just want to make sure that all of the variables are on the list.  Are
all of these defined in switch_types.h?  (Just curious – if I know
where to look in the source I can compare the source code to the wiki list.)  




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