[Freeswitch-users] Newbie question

Jonas Gauffin jonas.gauffin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 04:22:05 PST 2007


I'm new to voip applications (but have work with traditional pbx:es
for 10 years).
I've downloaded freeswitch, compiled it and got it up and running.
I've managed to use "pa call 1234" to test it.

The next step is to use a voip phone (in my case i'm using SJPhone) to
call freeswitch, right?

I've followed the "Getting started guide" and configured it as this:
  <!--#set "domain=datatal.se"-->
  <!--#set "subdomain=jg.datatal.se"-->

What are the domain settings used for? I'm a member of the datatal
domain (company network) any when my vpn is connected, else i'm a
member of my isp's domain. This also means that I got two ip
addresses, one for the vpn virtual network adapter and one for my nic.

Anyway, freeswitch is not answering when I try to dial (in SJphone)
1234 at jg.datatal.se or 1234 at datatal.se. I've tried with 1234 at 192.168.0

Anyone want to be kind and help a voip newbie? =)


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