[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH logo contest

J. Javier Maestro freeswitch-devel at nosys.es
Wed Feb 21 01:45:44 PST 2007


I have to say that an eagle is nice, but it is waaay too easy to consider it
political (not me, but I am sure others will).

Why not a peregrine falcon, actually **the** fastest animal on earth (the
cheetah is a mere 70mph compared to 100-200mh of this falcon :)

And about the difficulty in reselling the FreeBSD/FreeSwitch... why not
rename FreeSwitch to fSwitch? It's still f-ree :) and making the name shorter
also helps a lot in letting it stick to everybody's mind, I think

My 2 cents,

J. Javier Maestro  <jjmaestro at nosys.es>
Socio Consultor   -    Nosys AJjV S.L.

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