[Freeswitch-users] No sound in Google Talk

Adam Coyne adamcoyne at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 14:15:36 PDT 2006

I'm using a recent nightly source snapshot on Windows (svn rev 3134),
and I have run into a problem. I enabled mod_dingaling and pointed it
at my jabber.org account, and when I start Freeswitch I see that
contact come online in Google Talk. But when I call that contact, no
matter what action I specify in the dialplan, I don't hear any sound.

I have tried using the playback, echo, and bridge actions. When I call
the contact in Google Talk, I don't see any obvious problems in the
console output, but I hear nothing. For example, with this action in
my dialplan:

	<action application="playback" data="tada.gsm" />

I call the contact and am connected; it pauses for a few seconds,
presumably while it plays the sound (and I hear nothing), and I am
disconnected. Here are my config file and console output:


With <action application="echo" />, I stay connected, but hear
nothing. And when I click "End Call" in Google Talk, it repeatedly
prints this message to the console until I shutdown:

[DEBUG] mod_dingaling.c:515 terminate_session() Terminate called from
line 1199 state=CS_LOOPBACK

Any idea how I can break the silence? Thanks.


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