[Freeswitch-users] New release of POE::Filter:::FSSocket and enhancements in fsconsole.pl

Paul Tinsley jackhammer at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 17:48:39 PDT 2006

Just wanted to drop a quick note and see if I could get some people to help
me track down any bugs in the newest version of the module and or the
console that was built as a way to test the functionality of the module.

The module (v0.05) is available from cpan (cpan -i POE::Filter::FSSocket)
and the fsconsole.pl script is in the Freeswitch repository under the
/freeswitch/trunk/scripts/socket/ directory.

The console now supports three windows, one for logs, one for events, and
one for api responses with visual counters of "unread" messages in the
windows that don't currently have focus.
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