[Freeswitch-users] Odd Media issue

Jerry Kendall Jerry.Kendall at BishopHosting.com
Sun Jan 1 03:47:36 UTC 2023

So I did a quick check,

I ran 'tcpdump net'

I got thousands of packets immediately on dialing a ring group. So, it seems that FS is indeed NOT processing the NAT mapping correctly... I could be wrong... I'm not above that...

to draw a sort of image...

[phones on 10.0.0.x net] ----------- [ FW ]  --------------- { internet } ------------- [ FS Server on public IP ]

The traffic to/from the phones goes correctly unless I have the group setup to send early media to allow ringing phones to show early media video...

If the group is setup to send early media, the ringing phones are NOT getting the earling media traffic..
The phones have the video screen active AND showing but NO video is displayed as it is sent from FS on the public IP to the phones PRIVATE IP...

I am doing this using a hard coded test dialplan conference call like so...
<context name="registered-ext">
<extension name="dial-videocom">
<action application="set" data="conference_auto_outcall_timeout=5"/>
<action application="set" data="conference_auto_outcall_caller_id_name=Intercom"/>
<action application="set" data="conference_auto_outcall_caller_id_number=350"/>
<action application="set" data="conference_auto_outcall_skip_member_beep=false"/>
<action application="set" data="conference_auto_outcall_prefix={sip_auto_answer=false}"/>
<action application="set" data="conference_auto_outcall_profile=pager"/>
<action application="set" data="conference_utils_auto_outcall_flags=mute"/>

<action application="export" data="bridge_early_media=true"/>
<action application="export" data="ignore_early_media=false"/>

<action application="set" data="ringback=%(2000,4000,440.0,480.0)"/>\n";

<action application="conference_set_auto_outcall" data="sofia/customer/500%domain"/>
<action application="conference_set_auto_outcall" data="sofia/customer/501%domain"/>
<action application="conference_set_auto_outcall" data="sofia/customer/502%domain"/>
<action application="conference_set_auto_outcall" data="sofia/customer/503%domain"/>

<action application="conference" data="vid_intercom_808 at domain++flags{mute|endconf|moderator}"/>

Does anyone have any ideas where I need to change things...??


On 12/31/2022 9:47 PM, Jerry Kendall wrote:
> Hey there...
> I've come across an odd issue with the outbound media from FS...
> I have a phone, calls a ring group at say 22.
> Now if the phones and FS are on the same network, the early media is sent to all phones properly...
> If the phones are on different networks connected via VPN, again, the early media is sent to all phones properly...
> not if the phones are on different networks and a firewall is between without vpn tunneling.... The early media is NOT delivered properly...
> It seems as thought he SDP payload is not fully processed - again, it seems....
> So, how do I tell FS to send the early media to the phones when the phones are on private IP space behind a firewall.???
> It almost looks like the private IPs and not being mapped properly when sending early media.
> (the phones are replying to the INVITE with 183 progress status that includes SDP)
> I have NAT working properly and calls, even confererce calls with and without video all work fine - ONCE the call has been answered.
> I have been trying to get early media(video) and works but, only when there is no firewall between FS and the phones.
> This, of course is not acceptable for customer based setups.
> Anyu ideas on where to look for the cause?
> Jerry
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