[Freeswitch-users] send voicemail with shell script

Larry Morley lmorley at neny.cslimits.net
Fri Sep 30 22:00:27 UTC 2022

"This problem seems a bit strange and unusual; I, myself am strange and unusual".

I thought I saw you had mentioned that sendmail was always invoked. Sure this isn't an OS configuration problem?

There are far too many ways to ensure sendmail is exec'd and not the program you're trying to run. Especially if someone had deliberately compromised your system. Might be worth a look.

- Larry

On Sep 30, 2022, 16:08, at 16:08, Antony Stone <antony.stone at freeswitch.open.source.it> wrote:
>On Friday 30 September 2022 at 22:01:20, Sean Devoy via
>> Thanks for the reply. But, I do NOT want sendmail. I want it to run
>> script and provide the number called, the wav file and the mail-to
>> from the config. I cannot get it to call any script.
>Have you tried:
><param name="mailer-app"
><param name="mailer-app-args" value="whatever you want the script to
>In other words, specify the "app" as the script name, and the "args" as
>parameters you want to pass it.
>This assumes that your script is executable by the freeswitch user and 
>contains "#!/bin/bash" as the first line.
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