after failed Call: Failed Registration with status Request Timeout [408].

Philipp Zeitschel philipp at
Thu Sep 15 11:36:10 UTC 2022



i've got a newly setup system with fusionPBX.

I have configured my trunk and it registers successfully and is useable.

I can send outgoing calls and so on.

But if i receive an incoming call that has no destination inside of the
system, the trunk disconnects after a few seconds, and does not manage to
reregister again, i get only this messages:

2022-09-15 07:14:11.316316 98.00% [ERR] sofia_reg.c:2677
d8d092e4-2f22-4dda-95a6-4e85dd4e2862 Failed Registration with status Request
Timeout [408]. failure #1

2022-09-15 07:14:12.016310 98.00% [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:516
d8d092e4-2f22-4dda-95a6-4e85dd4e2862 Failed Registration [408], setting
retry to 30 seconds.

2022-09-15 07:14:43.116326 98.27% [NOTICE] sofia_reg.c:459 Registering


Only after a reboot it comes back online.


This sounds exactly as my problem:


is this a known issue?





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