[Freeswitch-users] nginx and FreeSWITCH 1.10

Alexis Prodhomme alexis.prodhomme at sewan.fr
Thu Sep 8 14:06:35 UTC 2022

Hi Franck,

I don't know about freeswitch, but here is the configuration that works 
using nginx to read wss and forward it to kamailio. I think this can be 
quite similar with freeswitch.

     location /softphone/ws {
         proxy_http_version        1.1;
         proxy_set_header        Upgrade $http_upgrade;
         proxy_set_header        Connection "Upgrade";
         proxy_read_timeout        1d;



Le 07/09/2022 à 07:55, Kakiman Expert a écrit :
> hello
> does anybody has experience using nging as wss to ws proxy ?
> (usage of nginx to decrypt wss and then forward ws to FreeSWITCH)
> thanks
> franck
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