extension forced public context if IP is in ACL

Josh thzvlcffsc at use.startmail.com
Sat Nov 26 18:46:40 UTC 2022


I came across a recent thread


discussing similar problems but it is not clear what solution is.

I my case incoming Gateway and ATA adapter, logged in to an Extension, 
are on the same IP address.
I added my IP to an ACL to allow incoming calls from Gateway to an 
Extension. No question about this part.
However, exactly as in above mentioned thread, attempt to make outgoing 
call fails because Extension IP matches ACL and is forced into public 
context instead of domain context.
If I delete ACL then outgoing calls work but incoming rejected.

Is there a solution for above scenario? For example, is it possible to 
configure incoming Gateway without a need for ACL?


PS. Since I am using FusionPBX all configuration appears to be in 
postgresql db tables.
PPS. Explicitly setting up domain context to an Extension in FusionPBX 
UI makes no difference whatsoever.

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