[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch does not respond to TLS client_hello intermittently

Adiseshu Channasamudhram csadi at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 9 16:32:04 UTC 2022

Hello FS Experts

I had posted this Q earlier... posting it again with more details ...

I have a FS to which two separate external SBCs connect and uses TLS

Intermittently the FS does not respond to TLS client_hello - because of this, we see that sometimes one of the external SBC is not connected at all..

I was able to reproduce this with debug logging enabled and below is the snippet of the same

nta.c:1289 agent_timer() nta: timer not set
tport.c:2753 tport_wakeup_pri() tport_wakeup_pri(0x7f96d01fa670): events IN
tport.c:862 tport_alloc_secondary() tport_alloc_secondary(0x7f96d01fa670): new secondary tport 0x7f96d001a9d0
tport_type_tcp.c:203 tport_tcp_init_secondary() tport_tcp_init_secondary(0x7f96d001a9d0): Setting TCP_KEEPIDLE to 30
tport_type_tcp.c:209 tport_tcp_init_secondary() tport_tcp_init_secondary(0x7f96d001a9d0): Setting TCP_KEEPINTVL to 30
tport.c:2644 tport_accept() tport_accept(0x7f96d001a9d0): new connection from tcp/
tport.c:2777 tport_wakeup() tport_wakeup(0x7f96d001a9d0): events IN
tport.c:2868 tport_recv_event() tport_recv_event(0x7f96d001a9d0)
tport.c:3209 tport_recv_iovec() tport_recv_iovec(0x7f96d001a9d0) msg 0x7f96d0027b90 from (tcp/ has 183 bytes, veclen = 1
tport.c:2298 tport_set_secondary_timer() tport(0x7f96d001a9d0): reset timer
tport.c:2777 tport_wakeup() tport_wakeup(0x7f96d0027f50): events IN
tport.c:2868 tport_recv_event() tport_recv_event(0x7f96d0027f50)

In the above snippet, you can see that the clietn_hello is received ... [highlighted]

Please let me know if any of you have encountered such an issue and what the fix is



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