[Freeswitch-users] RE: Recovery capabilities

Chris B. Ware chrisbware at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 21 13:35:59 UTC 2021

I'm playing with, so called, FS High Availability recently. I've had the same feeling of a work in progress features.It works on resuming calls (just few seconds of audio missing during the switchover) and probably keeps the status of the call, also respect the dialplan.
It is basically thought to handle two FS box with keepalived managing a shared IP, so if you need to shutdown one of the FS nodes ( I need it in my project)it doesn't work, since the dying FS will drop all the calls, cleaning Recovery table on DB.
In 2014 there was a project for a module called mod_ha_cluster, I think is a dead project.
Anyway this is a feature  that would deserve more attention, indeed.


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I've been reading about the recovery capabilities of FreeSwitch.  It SOUNDSa bit like a work in progress (possibly waiting for funding) - but maybe thedocs are out of date.

In terms of current state, can FS:
1.      resume calls in progress (on restart)
2.      place existing calls back into the dialplan where they where
3.      restore queue agents & callers (and their order)
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