[Freeswitch-users] Jitter and dropping MOS score

Jerry Kendall Jerry.Kendall at BishopHosting.com
Wed Oct 6 02:57:47 UTC 2021


If you are running any lua scripts, you might want to look at those...

I had a huge load issue I went through in testing and found out my lua scripts were killing the CPU during "high" usage of 3-5 calls...

Search for my postings on "High CPU usage and Slow BLFs with only 8 channels" or... https://lists.freeswitch.org/pipermail/freeswitch-users/2021-September/135066.html

The issue I had was looking at the EVENTS in the lua script.... Every channel created 20-30 events
I changed the strategy for catching the EVENTS and the load has never been over 0.2. The MOS is now steady at 4+ and ZERO jitter....

While I never commented on the jitter in my postings, there were issues and I knew it was due to the high CPU usage. My issue, why the high load with only a few calls.

Hope it helps,

On 10/5/2021 5:33 AM, Christoph Russow wrote:
> Hi all,
> we are currently experiencing jitter and dropping MOS score on an increasing amount of calls on our system.
> i can't see any increased load on our system (neither CPU nor I/O wise).
> Current stats:
> ~ 15Mbit/s network traffic (on a 1Gbit/s network)
> load average: 1,10, 0,82, 0,91 (16 core machine)
> memory used: 2,26GB/16GB
> freeswitch at lc1> status
> UP 0 years, 12 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes, 24 seconds, 649 milliseconds, 831 microseconds
> FreeSWITCH (Version 1.10.1 -release-12-f9990221e6 64bit) is ready
> 137634 session(s) since startup
> 218 session(s) - peak 245, last 5min 222
> 1 session(s) per Sec out of max 30, peak 8, last 5min 2
> 1000 session(s) max
> min idle cpu 0.00/95.37
> Current Stack Size/Max 244K/244K
> System ist not virtualized.
> the only "strange" thing i see is the freeswitch "main"process that consumes (according to htop) >=100% cpu (see attached screenshot).
> Can this be the problem? if yes what can i do against it.
> if not what are possible bottlenecks i should weed out?
> if you need any additional informations to help me sort out this problem please don't hesitate to ask.
> Thanks in advance and best regards
> Christoph
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