[Freeswitch-users] reinvite too quickly causing 491

Jennifer Hashimoto jennifer.hashimoto at caztel.com
Fri Nov 5 17:17:54 UTC 2021

I’m wondering if someone can help me figure out this problem

One of our carriers is sometimes sending a re-invite within milliseconds of sending the OK on answer.

This causes Freeswitch to send a 491 to the outbound leg without informing inbound leg that anything has happened.

This causes the call on the outbound leg to die. After getting the 491 the carrier does nothing - does not retry after 1-2 seconds or anything.

The inbound leg thinks it is answered, but there is no audio. the inbound caller hangs up at some point and the carrier says leg does not exist when we send them the bye.

Any help would be appreciated!  

FreeSWITCH version: 1.10.6-release-18-1ff9d0a60e~64bit (-release-18-1ff9d0a60e 64bit)

Jennifer Akemi Hashimoto
Caztel Communications
jennifer.hashimoto at caztel.com <mailto:jennifer.hashimoto at caztel.com>

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