[Freeswitch-users] Multiple DIDs per extension

John Tuxies atuxnull at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 16:33:06 UTC 2021

I got an isolated network and i got Freeswitch in it. I took user 1000 and
registered it in an Asterisk server. The same happened for accounts
1001-1003 to different servers. Here is an icon of what i am trying to
[image: ITSP_Scenario.jpg]

The network is not connected to Internet or any other Voice service. I
would like Freeswitch to act as an ITSP for the Asterisk servers and route
in/out numbers.
For example Asterisk's_1 server user which has the DID +493087710024 to be
able and dial the number +49308771360 and reach another user on Asterisk
Server 4. All the communication will go through the Server (Freeswitch).

May i have some help on how to configure this thing please?
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