[Freeswitch-users] Lost ACKs and BYE (ack timeout)

Martyn Davies martyn at magiccow.co.uk
Sat Oct 24 08:41:01 UTC 2020

I have Freeswitch running in an Alpine VM with a Sangoma gateway
downstream.  Until recently I was using Freeswitch 16 and it was working
fine, but due to an OS upgrade, it seemed reasonable to upgrade to
Freeswitch 18 (the version that comes with that Alpine release). However,
now upstream calls from the Sangoma fail.  Specifically, when FS sends the
200 OK (for the Invite), the Sangoma now does not reply with ACK, and so FS
tears down the call after 30 sec.

I tried the 'connectile dysfunction' parameter, but this did not seem to
have any positive effect.  In fact, it was perhaps worse because the
Register (from Sangoma to FS) seems to get stuck in a loop, with Sangoma
sending the request over and over back to back.

I would be interested to hear if this rings a bell with anyone?  Are there
any crucial differences in base config between 16 and 18 that would change
the behaviour?

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