[Freeswitch-users] How to get information of callee when the call is forwarded

Shaun Stokes shaun.stokes at itec-support.co.uk
Wed Mar 27 07:58:54 UTC 2019

You can use 'info' in your dialplan to list all variables, however I doubt the CLI of B will be there as you've already said it's passing the CLI of A in the forward.

If these were SIP call forwards you could perhaps create an additional variable but I don't believe there's any such option with PSTN calls.

Here are some possible workarounds:

- Change B to pass on it's own CLI instead of A, in this instance you would get the CLI of B instead of A.

- Create dedicated inbound DDIs\Numbers for each mobile B to forward to, you can then alter the CLI name to include the CLI of B depending on the DDI\Number which was dialled in your FreeSWITCH dialplan.

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hi, Folks

I have come to a question when dealing with call forwarding:

A and B are using Mobile Phones with PSTN.

C is another Phone Number but connected with FreeSWTICH Instance which pickups any calls C receives.

A calls B, B forwards to C, then FreeSWITCH routes A to an extension, in this extension, I would like to extract the Information of B, like its phone number, etc.

I have checked the variables in the channel, but it doesn't contain information of B.

Can any one help? Thanks.

BTW, one related topic:

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