freeswitch package on ARM (raspberry pi)

Bipin Patel bipin at
Wed Jun 26 16:47:06 UTC 2019


i was wondering if FS packages will be available for ARM raspbian 
because we have been running multiple SOHO PBX using rpi for clients for 
quiet some time now, currently we build from master on raspbian stretch 
as well as jessie and it works well. We did some stress test with 50 
calls and 100 channels using rpi 3b+ with g711u and it works flawless as 
well as we have it on rpi 2 also easily able to handle 20+ calls and now 
with the rpi 4 im sure it can handle a lot more easily so why not 
officially create packages for ARM rather than have to compile from 
master. We also developed a custom CDR portal we supply with it which 
gives the user the ability to create extenions, gateways etc etc as xml 
rather than use a DB or xml curl etc to keep the resource consumption 


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