[Freeswitch-users] Is there a way to do a (signalling only) call timeout on a bridge request?

Nathan Neulinger nneul at mst.edu
Tue Jul 9 16:23:18 UTC 2019

Is there a way to put a timeout on a bridge that would detect the situation of (media or no media)+(no response to 
invite) ? It seems like originate_timeout and leg_timeout do not catch this case.

I'm wanting to detect failed/non-responsive outbound call, but NOT die on 'taking a long time to answer' which is what 
it appears that call_timeout will do.

The failure scenario that occurred was a bad firewall ruleset resulting in rtp flowing for an outbound call, but the 
response to the invite never made it back to FS (responding SIP message was dropped at fw, but not the RTP).  I'd like 
to be able to time out the call request, but NOT time out if I'm actually getting an actively ringing call.


-- Nathan
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