[Freeswitch-users] How to get call uuid from b-leg and insert to pgsql

Marcel Haldemann marcel.haldemann at convercom.ch
Tue Jul 9 13:12:51 UTC 2019

Short answer: use the “originator” variable on outbound calls and the “uuid” variable on inbound calls.

Long Answer:

As Brain said, it’s the best to make a small program (I use C# .Net Core for that purpose) that parses the XML-CDR File.
For the Call-Identification I use:

                if (IsOutbound())
                    SessionId = GetGuidValue(vars, "originator");
                    SessionId = GetGuidValue(vars, "uuid");

So I use the “originator” variable if it is outbound (the direction), and the “uuid” variable else. I call this “session_id” in the Postgres-Database.
This is always the same on the inbound call and on all outbound calls originated by the same inbound call, this has proven to be unique.

PS: I use different tables for inbound and outbound cdrs. The outbound cdr has less rows.

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Your best bet is to use XML CDR and post process it.

On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 4:45 AM 王聡 <cong.wang.itsherpa at gmail.com<mailto:cong.wang.itsherpa at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

I’m trying to manage cdr in pgsql by mod_cdr_pg_csv, and I hope to record a call uuid to manage multiple recorded channels in one call.

A channel variable “variable_call_uuid” seems good to record, and I confirmed it is the correct call uuid in fs_cli by:

freeswitch at TEST-FS> uuid_getvar 67534e60-fc91-4e6b-b64e-868d5f3d8b16 call_uuid

freeswitch at TEST-FS> uuid_getvar 2ab39a17-2f8d-4ac1-81de-b32a990e55c1 call_uuid

However, when I tried to record this variable into pgsql, it turned into channels uuid in pgsql.
The followings had added into cdr_pg_csv.conf.xml:

    <field var="call_uuid”/>

But pgsql record showed:

SELECT call_uuid FROM cdr where uuid = '67534e60-fc91-4e6b-b64e-868d5f3d8b16’;
> 67534e60-fc91-4e6b-b64e-868d5f3d8b16

SELECT call_uuid FROM cdr where uuid = '2ab39a17-2f8d-4ac1-81de-b32a990e55c1’;
> 2ab39a17-2f8d-4ac1-81de-b32a990e55c1 # Which should be 67534e60-fc91-4e6b-b64e-868d5f3d8b16

Any idea or advice on this issue?


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