[Freeswitch-users] Conference Announce Count Inline - Not working

T Fred Farmington tfred31 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 6 01:05:40 MSK 2015

I am following the instructions on:
   "This example is a very quick and dirty dialplan and conference config that lets you hear how many callers are in conference."

Within my existing    conf\autoload_configs\conference.conf.xml   I added the new  caller controls:   <group name="plain">  as shown in the referenced page.

Additionally within the same file I edited the   <profile name="default">   to use the new:   <param name="caller-controls" value="plain"/> 

I then created a new XML file:    conf/dialplan/default/01_Announce_Conf_Count.xml   containing the code shown in the referenced page.

Lastly I edited this file to change the last 'application' line beginning with:    application="say"  to the following
      <action application="phrase" data="callers_in_conf,${conf_count}"/>    
so as to play the existing macro phrase which exists in:   conf\lang\en\ivr\sounds.xml    
It should be playing existing wav files and, therefore not need, TTS

But when I enter the conference..
1. The first caller in gets a 'voice' message played indicating:   "You are currently the only person in this conference"
2. But subsequent callers get nothing but a tone upon entry into the conference.   The intended macro phrase is not playing.

What needs to change to make the 'Announce Conference Participant Count"  work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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