[Freeswitch-users] Am I the only one?

Francis sms at icefire.qza.net.au
Wed Apr 30 18:16:48 MSD 2014

I was having trouble with starting freeswitch the usual way:

~# service freeswitch start

because of an error in one of the configs. So I decided to run it 
manually from the command line so I could see the error output. And 
guess what? That causes the databases to be owned by root! Of course, 
this means that freeswitch will ALWAYS fail when starting as a service 
because it can't access the database. I only confirmed this after doing:

~# su - freeswitch -s /bin/bash

and starting freeswitch again, which presented the tell-tale read only 
errors that I was suspecting. It also started a race condition,with 
freeswitch endlessly trying (and failing) to write to core.db.

I also discovered that using  php-ssh to access files does the same 
thing, after using Pydio to view logs and suddenly they were owned by 
root as well. The solution I've gone with is:

1. Give ownership and SGID of all web-accessible files to www-data
2. Add freeswitch to the www-data group
3. Always 'su - freeswitch' if I want to run freeswitch directly to see 
errors from the shell

I'm not sure if that's the best way, but it's working well so far. I'm 
also finding Pydio and Gate One are a great combination for a purely web 
managed freeswitch install.


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