[Freeswitch-users] Terminating ZRTP call over two FS's bridge.

Assaf Dahary adahary at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 18:06:17 MSD 2014



I have two FS's (FS1, FS2) with ZRTP enable in two sites.

I can make end-to-end ZRTP calls between two CSipSimple/ZRTP clients over
the two FS's bridge where both FS's are set to 'proxy_media=true'.

CSipSimple -> FS1 ---Internet -à FS2 -> CSipSimple.


Now I connected a PBX to each FS with SIP-Trunk.

PBX -> FS1 ------- FS2 -> PBX.


When calling locally from CSipSimple to a PBX extension on the same FS then
the ZRTP is terminated by the FS as MITM which is OK (FS dialplan


What I cannot figure out is how to terminate ZRTP call between
CSipSimple/FS1 and FS2/PBX.ext and vice versa. 

CSipSimple -> FS1 ------- FS2 -> PBX.ext.


I've tried to setup:

FS1 with 'proxy_media=true' (passthrough ZRTP)  +   FS2 with
'proxy_media=false' (terminate ZRTP).


FS1 and FS2 with 'proxy_media=false' .


All results with ' ZRTP not negotiated on both sides; disabling ZRTP
passthru mode'.


Any help will be appreciated.









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