[Freeswitch-users] Profiles and Gateways

Oscar Franzen oscar.franzen at advisa.se
Tue Apr 22 16:25:46 MSD 2014


I am trying to understand the relationship between profiles and gateways.
Can someone explain the relationship or direct me in a direction where I
can find more info? (I have already tried the wiki and googled quite a bit).
When would I want more than on external and one internal profile? Would I
ever want less than those two? Do I always want to separate internal and
external? When would I add more than one gateway for a profile?

I have a SIP trunk and my provider asked me to forward port 5060-5065. So I
did that and then I set external_sip_port to 5060. I receive incoming calls
on port 5060. Is there a standard way of registering an other port with my
SIP trunk provider?

As I only have one gateway (a SIP trunk) for my external profile I don't
really understand the relationship between the profile and gateway. I don't
really understand when I would want more than one gateway for that profile.

I also want to use the internal profile for users to register their
softphones directly to my freeswitch server. Do I have to do anything
special to get this to work? Will there be any problems from letting two
profiles listen on the same port (5060)?

Oscar Franzén
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