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  We have 2 FS servers setup utilizing Corosync/Pacemaker with dual floating IP's.  The backend is a percona active 3 node cluster with load balancer.  For all purposes this system looks like only 1 machine.  Did you follow the wiki on clustering?


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Hi Brian,

I'd be curious to know your cluster architecture. Could you share it with me?

I have an active/backup cluster of FS as well but they don't share the same db, each server has its own MySQL db (replicated in a active-active flavour), and hosts share a virtual IP thanks to keepalived.
I don't experience the same behaviour (each server has its own different stats counters, even if I have the same results when doing show channels or show calls at time t on the active or backup server).

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Le 17/04/2014 16:37, Brian West a écrit :

Thats normal if you have them sharing the database.


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   So I have an interesting SNMP xAgent question..  I have 2 FS servers setup in a cluster.  I am monitoring both with SNMP and they both show the exact same amount of calls on each server.  Is this normal behavior?  Is the failover server reading the database where the calls are stored in the recovery table?



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