[Freeswitch-users] Gateway configuration

Helena Garcia-Nieto helena.gnieto at morodo.co.uk
Wed Apr 16 19:26:35 MSD 2014

Hi All!


I am starting with freeswitch. I decided to test basic stuff before
configuring any further. 

I am defining a simple gateway (see config file) and using it to transfer
any call starting with 00. The config I've seen and the emails I've checked
say the correct config should be:


<extension name="mycall_extensions">

      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^00(\d{3,20})$">

                               <action application="log" data="INFO Inside
MyCall extensions --$1_"/>           

                               <action application="bridge"




But if I use it like this I got the error:


2014-04-15 14:49:44.289151 [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:558 Processing HelenaGN
<1001>->00aaaaaa in context public

2014-04-15 14:49:44.289151 [INFO] mod_dptools.c:1595 Inside MO-Call
extensions --aaaaaa_

2014-04-15 14:49:44.289151 [WARNING] mod_sofia.c:5082 Cannot locate
registered user mycall/aaaaaaaa at external

2014-04-15 14:49:44.289151 [NOTICE] mod_sofia.c:5339 Close Channel N/A

2014-04-15 14:49:44.289151 [NOTICE] switch_ivr_originate.c:2670 Cannot
create outgoing channel of type [sofia] cause: [USER_NOT_REGISTERED]

2014-04-15 14:49:44.289151 [INFO] mod_dptools.c:3201 Originate Failed.

2014-04-15 14:49:44.289151 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:4646 Hangup
sofia/external/1001 at xx.xx.xx.xx:5080 [CS_EXECUTE] [USER_NOT_REGISTERED]


But. Why is it looking for the aaaa number on the external instead of the


If I configure it with 

<action application="bridge"
data="sofia/external/mycall/$1 at mydomain.realm"/>


It finds its way to the gateway. I don't really understand the point of
defining the whole gw if you need to specify the realm here again anyway.


Could someone point me in the direction of why the basic config did not







  <gateway name="mycall">

                               <param name="realm" value="mydomain.realm "/>

                               <param name="username" value="notimportant"/>

                               <param name="password" value="notimportant"/>

                               <param name="register" value="false"/>



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