[Freeswitch-users] Audio degrades ON TRANSFER with specific MOH file

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Fri Apr 11 06:46:21 MSD 2014

Hi Everyone,

I have hit a dead end on this.  I would say she was just crazy except I can reproduce the problem every time.

I have checked her phone setup through the web interface and I cannot find any field that is different from a working phone (except user id and password).  The Directory entries match as well.

Please, any suggestions on further testing/logging I could do would be most welcome.

I am ready to put a $50 bounty on the first person to provide a resolution.  If it is unclear I will do my best to split it up!  This customer is very important and now is very frustrated.

To recap for anyone who does not recognize the thread:
When my user at 203 answers incoming calls or places outgoing calls, everything works perfectly.  However, if she does not answer and someone else picks up (i.e. her extension gets a LOSE RACE result) and then transfers to her the audio on the CALLER's end is "muffled".  She says several people have asked if she was under water.  I thought it sounded like someone speaking too close to a microphone.  All phones are CISCO SPA504G models.

There is anecdotal evidence of delayed audio, not delayed connection, but ongoing delayed speech.

This ONLY happens when a call in XFERed to her and it happens every time that occurs. It does not occur if she answers and puts a call on hold and picks it back up.

I could test having her xfer one of the bad audio calls back to someone else.  But, I must say I don't know if it would tell me anything either way!  I suppose I could swap out her physical phone, but that seems HIGHLY unlikely.

The log file is in pastebin:


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