[Freeswitch-users] mod_skinny --> Calling numbers with various lenght

MS-R-IT martin.schoepfer at ms-r-it.de
Tue Apr 8 21:58:15 MSD 2014

Hello Nathan,

thanks for your reply can i have checked this hack but i don´t think this is
a solution to communicate. Are there any plans to get this function into
freeswitch in the future?
I check now how I could handle the cisco phones temporary with a small
asterisk chan_sccp connected to freeswitch. Is there any way to get
chan_sccp transformed to 
Freeswitch! Because its Opensource too! I only able to program some smalls
things in C or C++ so I have to ask if it is any reason and then I can check
it by myself!

Thank you for your informations. I think you have luck with NANP!! :-)

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On 04/08/2014 12:10 PM, MS-R-IT wrote:
> Hello,
> yes they can overlap you can have different length with overlap like 
> my company siemens the central has the number 3-digit prefix (yes this can
also be) then 4-digit four our site (like 9221) and 0 for our central and
5910 for me directly.
> There are many else expressions I could give you emergency call in 
> Germany is 110 and 112 but there can be number with 110XXXXX too!

This is not something you'll be able to do with the current built-in dial
handling for mod_skinny currently because of how it processes the dialing.

The key part of the current processing for this is in
skinny_handle_keypad_button_message() where it calls
skinny_session_process_dest() with the non-null 2nd to last argument

The processing sets call to routing state after each digit in that routine.

What would need to happen is some sort of time delayed callback to have it
not send the call to routing state until a certain time has elapsed.

You could do a workaround of requiring a terminating digit (# or something
like that) to "dial" - that would work with 
current code, but is definitely a hack.

-- Nathan

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