[Freeswitch-users] FusionPBX - any other options or should I keep trying?

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Thank you! Very useful!A.C.

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You must define a domain called '' in your directory and add a user with the id="1000"
With Fusion multitenant you need to register to the FQDN of the domain.
You should also only use the GUI to modify XML, as the manual edits will be overwritten.
You can visit IRC #FusionPBX for more help, they also have paid support offerings on their website.
You should also look at Cudatel appliance if you are running against time.

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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] FusionPBX - any other options or should I keep trying?


Using FusionPBX to configure a FreeSwitch PBX. 

I find it a pain on its own league. 

I was  successful in configuring a proof of concept by manually changing the Freeswitch XML files on the node.

However, I need a GUI as I want to do the basic config and pass it over to admins, with clear and simple instructions on how to add new users.

Should I look at any other GUIs? I am running against time, as I need it functioning in a few days.

My SIP clients are SJPhones and Cisco 7942. They just don't register, I don't seem to get the passwords right.


Question 1:

Keep getting this message:

"[WARNING] sofia_reg.c:2745 Can't find user [1000 at] from

You must define a domain called '' in your directory and add a user with the id="1000" attribute and you must configure your device to use the proper domain in it's authentication


I tried all kind of things - adding files left and right (a directory was added for me + an empty file with the same name, in the same folder).

Found an older thread and tried to follow it but no luck: http://lists.freeswitch.org/pipermail/freeswitch-users/2013-January/090948.html

If I try to use domains instead of IP addresses (in sip clients config, etc), I have the same problem.


Question 2:

As soon as I start manually modifying and adding config files on FreeSwitch, my FusionPBX configured devices/users/domains/extensions no longer show up in the FusionPBX GUI but the files
 are still there.


Do I have a better option? I find FusionPBX isn't really helping or making it easier to configure the PBX. 

At this time, do I have an option to manually configure everything (directly on Freeswitch) and get things going and then bring in a GUI that retrieves all the config, displays it and allows
 for new users to be added?


Thank you.




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