[Freeswitch-users] [mod_sofia] Is the SIP Presence (SIMPLE) functionality limited to 2 states on FreeSWITCH?

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Tue Jan 29 15:05:31 MSK 2013

Good morning,


I am trying to understand and make working the SIP Presence functionality
(SIMPLE) with the FreeSWITCH server. I have noticed that FreeSWITCH seems to
support only two states: registered and not registered (online, offline). I
have installed two SIP Clients: PortGO and Zoiper Communicator, both have to
functionality to set a user status like: busy, away, in a call, on the lunch
etc. By the Wireshark software I have seen that changing the user status on
PortGO does not cause to send any SIP NOTIFY or PUBLISH messages - which
seems to be a bug, but the Zoiper was doing it. So then I have noticed that
when I have changed the user state on one of the clients, the second client
all the time was receiving the NOTIFY message from FreeSWITCH with
"Available" status (no matter which state I have chosen, despite offline).
Only in case when I have switched to offline, the client have received "Not
registered" message. My question is if it is possible to configure the
FreeSWITCH server to support other states? It means any text which is going
inside the  <dm:note/> XML tag? Because now it seems that this tag is
ignored and FreeSWITCH is sending the Available. Thank you for help.

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