[Freeswitch-users] Retrieving hangupCause from b-leg in mod_lua

Benoit Raymond benoit.raymond at amiconcept.com
Wed Jan 23 06:18:09 MSK 2013



Is there a way in lua to figure out why the b-leg hung up? I have an inbound
call that I need to bridge so when lua is invoked, there is a session
created for the inbound call and then I use session:execute("bridge", "the
b-leg path") and either the call is bridged or call_timeout kicks in. I need
to continue my script based on the hangup cause whether the b-leg produced a
NO_ANSWER, USER_BUSY or any other condition. The session:hangupCause is of
no use since my session is still active.


I found the variable "bridge_hangup_cause" on the wiki but it returns nil if
I do session:getVariable("bridge_hangup_cause").


I am using 1.3.13


Thanks much.


Benoit Raymond

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http://www.amiconcept.com <http://www.amiconcept.com/> 


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