[Freeswitch-users] Redundant Dial Plan in JS

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Mon Jan 14 07:52:01 MSK 2013


Or see using the bridge command in conjunction with the continue_on_fail
channel variable...

This is pretty easy to do... Keep in mind that what good ol¹ ma bell does is
try one route and then if it fails, try to re-route around that... That¹s
all the above is showing you how to do


On 1/13/13 9:22 PM, "Sean Devoy" <sdevoy at bizfocused.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> This question stems from the fact that I cannot find a VOIP Service Provider
> (VSP) that can connect outgoing calls truly reliably.  I have customers who
> expect calls to go through just like good old ma-bell did ­100% of the time
> barring natural disasters.  You have to admit those guys set the bar pretty
> high for us.
> I was using Voip Innovations with decent success, but my users complain every
> 2 weeks or so and I send the trace to VI. The standard response is always ³We
> have updated our route tables for that area.²  I switched to Vitelity where I
> was assured they have redundant paths and this could never happen!  I have
> only confirmed it happening twice in the last 3 weeks!  Of course one of those
> was during the demo of the new service I had just installed for a new
> customer. 
> So, I give up.  My new approach is ³VSPs cannot deliver consistent highly
> reliable service ­ work around it!²
> I know I want a dial plan that will check the bridge status and redial using a
> different gateway (VSP) if it failed (not busy or no answer ­ failure).  I am
> pretty sure the best/easy approach is a JavaScript ³dialer² script to handle
> this.
> I have looked in the wiki for such a sample.  If it exists I have missed it.
> So rather than ³re-inventing the wheel²  I am reaching out to you all.  Does
> anyone have a dialing script that checks for failure and redials on failure or
> just continues to voicemail on no answer?  I will happily test and tweak it
> and add it to the wiki if you have something to get me started!!!  If not I
> shall take the plunge and get started! My ideal solution will dial, play a
> message and redial on failure, maybe 2 or three times or play a failure
> message and email me on excess errors.  I am leaning toward ³Call congestion,
> rerouting.  Please stand by²  while the new bridge is being attempted.
> Thanks,
> Sean
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