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Roger Castaldo roger.castaldo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 23:34:25 MSK 2013

Hi everyone, I have been working on a configuration gui for freeswitch for
several years now.  It has gone through several revisions and changes in
its core and well as the interface itself, basically making it more
efficient and more user friendly as well as more expandable.  It was a
decision as of late now to take that work and make it open source, it is
kind of giving out a lot of work at no cost, but I came to a point with it
that I just cannot do it myself anymore.  It is written entirely in C# and
is its own self contained web server.  The code is available at
http://code.google.com/p/freeswitchconfig/.  I would like to get others on
board to assist in testing, coding,etc.  I was looking to add this to the
wiki but do not have access and looking to port it over to have a branch
that both has a self contained web server and one that will run inside an
asp.net capable web server.  Enjoy the usage of it for those that do end up
using it, any and all feed back would be appreciated.  Also on a side note
it is a web based system that has its own mobile version that automatically
switches to accordingly.  I just moved it to google code so have had no
time to work on the wiki or anything for it.
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