[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch stable on embedded devices?

Tom C mel0torme at gmail.com
Mon May 21 02:17:25 MSD 2012

I've been running FreeSwitch on a Dockstar for about 2 years now, and, yes,
it is rock solid running on this tiny device.  At one point, I noticed that
it had been running un-interrupted for nearly 6 months.  I use it with
several voip service providers, and Google Voice integration works

However, this is just my home PBX, with a max of 4 concurrent calls.  I
haven't done any scalability testing.

Also, there are some things that don't work well:

a)  When I try to use FLITE (the text-to-speech module) on the dockstar or
a pogoplug, the CPU usage shoots up to 100%, resulting audio is choppy, and
any ongoing calls also get choppy.  I haven't taken a close look at the
source code, but I suspect FLITE is using floating-point math.  The poor
little dockstars and pogoplugs don't have floating-point processors, so any
floating-point math eats up a whole lot of CPU time.  (I just glanced at
the source, and I see they define M_PI = 3.14159.  So, yes, floating point

c)  Music-on-hold works fine.  But streaming audio files using
Session.streamFile() or Session.say() will sometimes have very choppy audio
(but without the extreme CPU usage that FLITE causes).  I'm trying to
figure out this problem as we speak.....

So, basically, if you're using FreeSwitch as a simple home PBX, the
dockstar and pogoplug are wonderful devices to use.  But if you're going to
make use of the more interesting features of FreeSwitch, you will
definitely want to invest in an x86 or similar platform.
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