[Freeswitch-users] Does Freeswitch replace Asterisk?

Antonio Modesto modesto at isimples.com.br
Fri May 4 17:05:40 MSD 2012


	I Work at an ISP and we have an Asterisk PBX. Our PBX doesn't have
anything special, it just do the common things like auto attendant, CDR,
call transfer and such things. We have 2 digium FXO cards to connect to
the PSTN. The problem is that asterisk is not working very well,
sometimes some of the dahdi channels get stuck and we need to release it
through the asterisk console, the detection of callerid doesn't work (We
live in brazil, dtmf signaling), and other detais that if I list all of
them here it's going to take some time. I read a lot about asterisk and
its bad design, I think that it added a lot a features without worrying
about making stable implementations. My question is, can freeswitch
fully replace our Asterisk PBX? Or it's not its purpose?


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