[Freeswitch-users] DTMF Problems

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Tue Oct 25 05:01:11 MSD 2011

On 10/25/2011 12:07 AM, Antonio Teixeira wrote:
> Well guys it depends on your application , generally  i solve this 
> with regexp , a buffer and a way to clear the buffer of 
> invalid/duplicated data I'm extending it to support with min delay 
> between keys.
> This is not as hard as you think when using min/max :) and your data 
> is predictable :)
Is a properly engineered solution so unattainable that such guesswork is 
the only solution?
> Also in ivr menus humans don't generally guess whats the next menu so 
> if len(dtmf) > 1: drop ...
> I play with this in our test environment not in our production and it 
> works :)
Try playing with real users. They *always* type ahead by their second or 
third call to the same IVR. Handling type-ahead well - accepting the 
string of entered digits, skipping the playback of prompts so you don't 
slow things down, etc. - is one of the key tests of a good IVR.


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