[Freeswitch-users] Break command not working

Chris Martineau chris at ghosttelecom.com
Fri Oct 7 19:03:24 MSD 2011



I have the following scenario...



application='set' data='execute_on_answer=break'

application='sched_broadcast' data='+1 /path/file'

application='bridge' data='sofia...'


This works fine in that it pre answers the call and plays back a welcome
message prior to normal early media ringtone.


The problem I have is that if the call is answered quickly the playback
just continues until finished.


I would have thought that application='set'
data='execute_on_answer=break' should stop the playback on answer but
the break command doesn't have any effect. I have tried break all to no


Should this work?


Any ideas on how to make this work?


Many thanks 




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