[Freeswitch-users] Phrase macros in conferences

Bryan Smart bryansmart at bryansmart.com
Mon Jun 27 03:57:21 MSD 2011

I'm attempting to use phrase macros in mod_conference, but I'm not having success. Perhaps they aren't supported?

I have a working phrase macro. In the dialplan, both

<action application="phrase" data="my_phrase"/>


<action application="playback" data="phrase:my_phrase"/>

Work just fine.

The wiki says that, in conference.conf.xml, entries like pin-sound accept, for their value, file paths, strings prefixed with "say" for TTS, and strings prefixed with "tone_stream". This looks almost the same as what can be passed to the playback application in the dialplan. When I try to prefix a string with "phrase", it doesn't work.

<param name="pin-sound" value="phrase:my_phrase"/>

The console tells me "unknown file format". The console still tells me this if I make up phrase names

<param name="pin-sound" value="phrase:not_a_real_phrase"/>

So it is complaining about the syntax or capability, rather than an unrecognized format of an actual file.

If mod_conference doesn't support phrase macros, is this a near-future feature? Phrases would seem to be necessary to ocalize announcements and play announcements that are stitched together from multiple files.


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