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Kristian Kielhofner kris at kriskinc.com
Fri Jun 24 17:57:43 MSD 2011

"voip requires less knowledge"

  These kinds of statements only serve to fracture
telephony/communications communities even more (at a time when
"unified communications" have been the buzzword for a decade).

  I take it you've never spent time developing high scale, high
availability "voip" systems.  Built SS7/SIP internetworking gateways?
SIP-I?  SIP-T?  Debugged ridiculous SIP/SDP/RTP interop issues between
the thousands of endpoints, networks, and configurations available in
the field?  TLS?  SRTP?  IPV6?  Complex codecs operating at multiple
sample rates and ptimes, complete with adaptive jitter buffers and
forward error correction?  I could go on, and on, and on and of course
most of us also have to deal with the 8k TDM PSTN (including SS7,
IMTs, various DBs, regulatory stuff, etc, etc).

  Saying "voip requires less knowledge" does nothing more than show
how little you know about it.  Voip does not require less knowledge -
it requires /different/ knowledge.  At this point I couldn't patch a
25 pair cable if my life depended on it, that requires expertise
different from my own.  If you want to talk about any of the
technologies above I'd probably be able to contribute quite a bit to
the conversation :).

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 10:27 PM, Robert-iPhone <rhuddleston at gmail.com> wrote:
> it wasnt intended as insult - just humorous how voip requires less knowledge
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Kristian Kielhofner

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