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Fri Jun 24 11:05:37 MSD 2011

On 06/24/2011 03:53 AM, Robert-iPhone wrote:
> isnt voip great - nobody learns telecom 101.
> B8ZS / SF

At the risk of being wrong (it's been more than a decade since I worked 
at Lucent), iirc LERG, LRN and OCN are US centric. Since I'm on the 
other side of the Big Blue Pond I don't need to know them :) It probably 
helps if one knows LNP if one offers or uses VoIP services.

B8ZS line encoding. Iirc a funky version of AMI because the US suffered 
from not-invented-here syndrom so they came up with a tweaked version of 
AMI called Bipolar-8-0-substition. Nuf said :) Brings back memories of 
long nights troubleshooting international circuits with BERT testers and 
hopping on planes to follow the nodes so we could finally pinpoint which 
carrier was lying about nothing being wrong with their stretch.

> just the good ole days 5ESS / DMS RCV

5ESS wasn't my thing. They were just really big and did not do very 
exciting things so best left alone with the ancient bearded tribe that 
ran those monsters. All I can remember about the Nortel stuff was that 
it was really loud, particularly their X.25 nodes. I do have fond 
memories of all the Ascend gear (the TNT, CBS-500 and GX-550) and all 
the Lucent experimental DWDM and SDH gear that we got to play with.

"If we build it they will come" - wonder if we will ever see those days 


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