[Freeswitch-users] Looking for Cost Effective IVR Solution forConcurrent Calls

sharad sharad at coraltele.com
Wed Jun 22 13:17:53 MSD 2011

Hi Ankit

I differ with you on the PRI pricing. Now a days, in north India, BSNL, Reliance, Airtel, etc, are providing PRI connectivity somewhere arround 10-12 K per month. More over this, they will permit you to make the free calls of the same value. Means if you opt for 10K / month plan, you will be able to make the out calls of wrth Rs 10K approx. Yes, if you want only inbound, you will have to pay at least 10K.  So you can check with the local service provider in Tamilnadu & nagotiate with the service provider for minimum rent. 

Regarding your rest queries, I am not sure what do you want to ask..plz explore your queries.

Sharad, Noida

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  Dear all,

  I am working to develop an IVR solution for an NGO in Tamil Nadu, India using Freeswitch open source telephony interface. 

  I am looking for any cost effective solution for hardware where concurrent inbound/outbound calls can be made by the IVR system. Some research, I did but I am skeptical, need some more guidance from experts. Number of concurrent calls for initial stage inbound 5-10 but based on response from the community, we will plan for scaling up. Outbound Scheduled calls are of lesser importance right now.

  I checked online that PRI line provides me 30 lines for voice which can be used concurrently. But, the rent for the line is very high which cant be feasible for the NGO. 
  Min PRI line cost is Rs 4.5 K per month.

  Please suggest alternative solutions which I can use for the same. 

  1. What about VOIP  and using their local access number?
  2. What about SIP based IP phone with extensions?
  3. What about trunk lines, DID etc?
  4. What about GSM Modems, GSMOpen?

  I am very new telecom technology. Please help.


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