[Freeswitch-users] UK ISDN outgoing CLI (was Re: FreeTDM - Sangoma B700 - ISDN connection questions - UK)

shouldbe q931 shouldbeq931 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 13:08:25 MSD 2011

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 7:10 PM, John <freeswitch at earthspike.net> wrote:
> [I've forked this thread as it really should have been 3 separate
> threads to start with.]
> Thanks,
> I have tried every combination I can think of, except 10 digits which I
> will give a go.  That makes sense as in the general case it would permit
> non-geographical numbers to be presented.
> The lines are provided as 2 x ISDN2e with a lead number covering all 4
> channels.  The NTE8s are labelled 1-2 and 3-4, so not separate
> individual lines, I thnk.
> We currently have a Single Number DDI in addition, and hope to increase
> that to 2 very soon; the 3 numbers between them will serve 3 separate
> business units, so we want to be able to present the correct outbound
> CLI from each business unit.  We also have a remote call forward from
> another number to the lead number, but presenting that really would be
> CLI spoofing, so I am not expecting that to be permissible. But I would
> expect those that are directly allocated to the 2 lines/4 channels to be
> allowed to be presented.
> John
> On 09/06/11 08:27, shouldbe q931 wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:36 PM, John<freeswitch at earthspike.net>  wrote:
>>> Hello,
>> <snipped for brevity>
>>> 2. We have 2 Single Number DDI numbers configured over the 4 channels.
>>> I want to set up outgoing calls so that they can appear to come from
>>> either of the two numbers, but at present the outgoing CLI appears to be
>>> overridden by the telco (BT) to only use one of the numbers.  Has anyone
>>> got this working in UK, and what is the format for the
>>> outbound_caller_id_number: last 6 digits or full 11 digits?  I note that
>>> the inbound called number is only the last 6 digits.
>> <snipped for brevity>
>>> Thanks for all the great support I have already got just from editing my
>>> Wiki User page; this is a friendly group!
>>> John
>> I can only comment on the BT part.
>> If they are two individual lines, you're out of luck with BT, as they
>> do not allow CLI spoofing, which this would be.
>> I would suggest sending BT the same number of digits that they send
>> you, if that doesn't work try 10 digits. If  you are not sending the
>> "correct" number of digits for a valid DDI on the trunk, then they
>> will send the lead number for the trunk.
>> Cheers
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I know that this might sound like heresy :-)  but have you checked
spoken to BT and asked them if CLIP and CLOP on the lines ?

I think CLOP is outbound and CLIP is inbound, but I might have it the
wrong way round...

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