[Freeswitch-users] mod_event_socket message pizza received from BSD machines

Peter Olsson peter.olsson at visionutveckling.se
Mon Feb 28 18:36:46 MSK 2011

Are you using git HEAD as of the last couple of days? I know there was some changes for this last week related to ESL-56 - at least I saw some commits related to it... Or it this not at all related to ESL lib?

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Skickat: den 28 februari 2011 15:26
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Ämne: [Freeswitch-users] mod_event_socket message pizza received from BSD       machines


We are experiencing weird behaviour when using socket connection to mod_event_socket while running FS on FreeBSD and Mac OSX.

We send a lot of bgapi and api commands to the FreeSwitch while controlling and monitoring hundreds of sessions.

We have created a simple load-test that displays the problem we face.
The load-test simply fires the following command continuosly to freeswitch: “bgapi sofia status”, generally as fast as freeswitch can receive it.

The following occurs, but only on FreeBSD or MacOSX (10.6.6) (both 64-bit) while using latest version of FreeSwitch:

- Replies and events are inter-mixed on the receive stream (the output from freeswitch), causing protocol errors in the receiving client.

This does _not_ happen on CentOS or Windows, so we wonder what could be causing this. Is there a problem with threading or socket libs here?
We assume that FreeSwitch protect a mod_event_socket inbound connection output stream by locking (or other means) to make sure not any two messages are written ‘simultaneously’ causing garbage in the receiving end?

Mauritz Lovgren
System Architect
IPLink Inc.


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