[Freeswitch-users] conference dialing and montly billing

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Mon Feb 28 04:49:57 MSK 2011

HI Deniro,

This is a pretty simple scenario.  I can't build it for you (too busy 
doing my own!), but here's what you need:

A basic, working FreeSWITCH installation that takes care of routing the 
calls, asking for the PIN, setting up the conferences.  You can do the 
PIN IVR in lua pretty easily.  All it has to do is set a variable that 
contains your user account number, as well as any other details that are 
billing specific (DID number call came in on, toll-free vs. local, etc.)

Use xml_curl_cdr to post the call records to a web server.

Using a PHP script, or another language that you are comfortable with, 
parse the XML record that is posted for things like:
-User ID (set as a variable)
-Call Start
-Call duration
-Conference room

Insert these values into your favorite database, along with a cost 
column that gets calculated by the script, based on the duration and 
other relevant parameters.

Have another php script that runs monthly, rendering the database call 
records as a nice looking PDF invoice.  You may want to have another 
database table that keeps track of monthly invoices and payments to 
track balance due, etc.

Most of the work is done externally by web server scripts that manage 
the billing data.  Freeswitch just has to ask the caller the right 
questions, and put them in the right room.

You may also want to use xml_curl to dynamically generate dialplan as 
well as the conference config XML so that you can have custom 
per-conference settings, as well as easily manage your users by updating 
their information in your database.

Good luck!


deniro wrote:
> Hi All
> I would like to write some type of billing program  that will collect 
> the charges for each account monthly
> When someone calls into the  (freeswitch) conference by dialing  toll 
> free number or local number and enters PIN number
> the  program will recognize that and start collecting number of 
> minutes and number of  persons dialed in
> and calculate  the  amount of  dollars.
> Lets say conference is  10cent/per minute /per person for a tool free 
> number
> Each time people  dial into conference it will calculate total amount 
> by person and by minutes, and generate monthly billing.
> The PIN numbers may be different  for conferences that belong to same 
> account.
> How would I do such thing? Where do I start from?
> Is there any sample programs like it somewhere out there
> Which language would be best to it with 
> I would pay for any professional services
> Thanks in advance
> deniro--
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