[Freeswitch-users] newbie question: how do you set the folder that freeswitch uses for sounds?

Edward de Jong edward.dejong at voicecarrier.com
Mon Feb 21 08:08:10 MSK 2011

I see that in the default config, freeswitch uses sounds from the en/us/callie folder.
so when you ask for playback of hello.wav, it goes to that folder by default.
how does one change the folder used by freeswitch?
i want to let the user pick between different voices, which of the many config files sets up which voice to use?

and what if I want to have better voice on my user's phone? can I go to 16000 sample rate? if the user has HD capability on their phone, shouldn't I be using better voice samples? and how can I choose the voice folder depending on the phone connected to the PBX at that moment? In other words, if the user has an HD phone can I connect with them at the better codec? obviously if we connect to some other lesser device the dreaded transcoding will occur, but i would think for internal use, for example when the user is navigating menus, they would appreciate a better voice. Or should i just use all waveforms at 16000 and let it drop them down...

thanks in advance.

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